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Feature Request: Allow user to launch a data harvest of their service


Right now when I register a service as a normal user I must wait a few days before the service is harvested.
Only a special "administrator" user can start the data harvest.

The few-days delay is a barrier for users who want to make their service appear quickly in the catalogue.

Please add a new "run data harvest" button to the users web service details page under "my data service."
When user clicks "run data harvest", start the harvest and show a link to the harvest log.

Also for each service registered by the user show a "harvest history" option where the user can view the past harvest logs and whether they were successful or not.

I understand that running a "data harvest" for a very big service with tens of thousands of sites is resource-intensive. So perhaps you could limit the user-launched "run data harvest" option for data service with less than 1000 sites.